Tuscan farmhouse 2006

This is the second work I made in 2006, due to a lack of time this was also the last one until I started painting again in 2016. After a period of 10 years, I suddenly felt really eager to be creative again and went for it fully.

Unknown paper 200gr, Winsor & Newton Cotman pans,

21 x 28 cm

Lavender field 2016

I was able to buy Daler Rowney Artists watercolour pans and immediately started working on my full colour palette. A non-existent lavender field or could it still be found somewhere?

Hahnemühle Cornwall paper 450gr, Daler Rowney Artists Watercolour pans

40x25 cm

Drove in the fall 2016

With autumn in the air, the teacher wanted to get autumn on paper,

Canson Montval paper 300gr, Talens Van Gogh watercolour pans

32 x26 cm

Street view (fantasy) 2016

I made this watercolour on a whim, using ink and watercolour paint.

Canson Montval paper 300gr, Sennelier sepia ink, Daler Rowney watercolour pans

30 x 40 cm

Starry night after Vincent Van Gogh 2016


This was my very first work with acrylics, immediately an ode to VIncent Van Gogh, one of the artists I carry in my heart.

Dealer Rowney System 3 acrylic

30 x 40 cm

Winter landscape with horses 2017


One of the first assignments of 2017, winter landscape. I brought in two horses to bring in more depth and tension. Canson Montval paper 300gr, Talens Van Gogh watercolour pans

21 x 30 cm

Fantasy in blue 2017


A fantasy village in blue-red tones, actually a test for my Winsor & Newton pans who are several years old but still give off their colours. Canson Montval paper 300gr, Winsor & Newton Cotman pans

15 x15 cm

Wink to Claude Monet 2017

Another snowy landscape to end the year, I was inspired by Claude Monet's work the magpie. I placed a cat on the fence instead of a bird.

Canson Montval paper 300gr, Daler Rowney Artists watercolour

25 x 35 cm


Autumn 2018


At the Facebook group Aquarel Watercolour Pastel, of which I am co-manager, I was asked to receive a monthly assignment. We started this month and the first assignment was “Autumn”.

Daler Rowney paper 300 gr, Daler Rowney Artists watercolour pans

21 x 30 cm.


Lighthouse 2018

"Ready for the storm

Canson Montval paper 300gr, Faber Castell watercolour pencils

21 x 28 cm

Nisi Kastri Kos 2019


On vacation in Kos (Kefalos) you couldn't look next to this beautiful island, for us a landmark and sign that we were almost in our hotel after a day trip on a scooter. I painted this work in the shade of a restaurant.

Canson xl paper 300 gr, Winsor & Newton Cotman

21 x 30 cm


Abbey of Senanque (Fr) 2019


If you get new acrylic paint for your birthday, you want to try this as soon as possible anyway. Sennelier abstract is a beautiful pasty acrylic paint in a handy dosing system, done with tampering with tubes.

Sennelier abstract acrylic

24 x 30 cm


Autumn 2019


Autumn colours are so nice to see but also to paint, this one is made with Sennelier L'aquarelle on Fabriano cold pressed paper. 30 x 40 cm

Thinking back of Greece 2018

After our nice trip to Kos I wanted to convey the Greek impressions on canvas.

Daler Rowney System 3 Acrylic

50 x50 cm

Winter in the garden 2019

The short winter prick created beautiful images in nature, I didn't have to go far, because this weeping tree is in our garden, again and again surprisingly beautiful in every season.

Canson Montval paper 300gr. Sennelier L'aquarelle

Somewhere near Deinze (B) 2019

A watercolour after a picture of Alstamaris,

Moulin du Roy paper 300gr Sennelier L'aquarelle

30 x 40 cm

Winter Landscape 2019

A work after an example of Lieve Bekaert, I made this for inclusion in my course.

Canson Montval paper Sennelier L'aquarelle

21 x 30 cm


Kinderdijk Nl 2020

I made this work as a result of the assignment "skies" in the watercolour group.
Based on a photo of a photographer friend of mine. Erik Van Gompel


42 x 18 cm

Landscapes and buildings are another form of watercolour painting, something I also want to master, even though they are not my favourite subjects, but I am making an attempt to do so.