Watercolour is a beautiful medium to work with, sometimes unpredictable and not the easiest way to paint, but you can get so much satisfaction out of it. Like all other painting materials, water colours have changed considerably over the years. In the past we did not have the very wide range of colours and brands on offer. For some this is confusing and totally useless and for others it is a challenge to start working with these almost inexhaustible possibilities. I had once bought a box of Winsor & Newton Cotman with 12 colours in the distant past, and it had been in the cupboard for years, after we moved into a house full of light and with a beautiful garden I wanted to do something creative with the many free times I have, and I started experimenting with watercolour. I also took a course to learn some more techniques. Soon I started searching, experimenting but most of all practising and trying to get various themes on paper. During this search I got to know many materials including paper, brushes and fantastic watercolours. It remains an eternal search for subjects and styles. Animals remain my favourite subject, just like flowers and plants. However, I don't want to pin myself on a couple of subjects but go further and further in my search for beautiful subjects. I try to develop my own style and try to avoid the well-trodden paths. The basis of watercolour remains the same working out a work is very personal and that is exactly what makes painting with watercolour so enjoyable.

Work in the spotlight


Derwent Inktense pencils on Hahnemühle "The collection" paper 100% Cotton 30 x 40 cm

After a photo by Geertrui Schoutteten.(Urbex madame Zsazsa)


After some time I also started to work with acrylics, I got a box full of tubes and started to use them. Again I went looking for better material and ended up at Sennelier. I was already sure of their watercolors but tried to my great satisfaction their Sennelier Abstract and was certainly convinced of the quality and colours

Oil colours?

After more than 30 years I again got the taste for working with oil paint, sometimes you have something in your head that you prefer to make with another medium. I did not hesitate for a moment to go to Sennelier and bought their Rive gauche, just like the watercolours and the acrylics beautiful in texture and very full of colour.