Graphite pencils are part of the standard equipment of anyone who is involved in drawing and painting. I have watercolour pencils, inktence and pastel pencils in addition to the regular pencils. I also have a collection of pastel crayons and soft pastel. These are all materials that I occasionally use for drawing.

Zonnebloem 2016

Sunflower 2016


During one of the watercolour lessons I took, we were asked to draw a sunflower with graphite pencil, in preparation for later work. Graphite pencils on ribbed paper 200gr.

30 x40 cm

Zonnebloem pastel 2018

Sunflower in pastel 2018


A first acquaintance with pastel chalk, these sunflowers on kraft paper (wrapping paper), the structure of the paper provided surprising effects.

Pastel chalk on kraft paper

100 x 60 cm.


Hoop op verlichting 2018

Hope on relief 2018


One of the last pictures of my sister Dora I used in a pastel 9-05-1953 — 16-05-2018.

A picture taken by her son Peter during her stay in the palliative department “Ten Oever” in Kortrijk.

Derwent pastel pencils

Mi Teint touch paper 30 × 40 cm.


Hummingbird 2019


Following an assignment I gave to the FB group Aquarel Watercolour Pastel, “Birds and/or their nests “I had no choice but to make one of them myself. Because it had been a long time since I had worked with Pastel, I chose this medium. Derwent Pastel pencils,

Pan Pastel

Clairefontaine Pastel Matt. 21 x 28 cm

Jean pierre 2019

Jean Pierre (a neighbour) 2019


An assignment I got, can you draw my husband? It took me a while, but everyone was happy with the result. Derwent's graphite pencils Hahnemühle

Nostalgia paper 190 gr 30 × 40 cm.