Painting portraits and people is a discipline of its own, yet I sometimes venture into it, which is something I will continue to try in the future.

Leonard Cohen 2017, watercolour

When I heard of the death of this bard, I started to paint a portrait of him, deliberately choosing shades of grey to get into the right mood. One of the first portraits that I ever painted.

Hahnemühle Cornwall paper 450 gr, Talens Van Gogh watercolour pans 30 x 40 cm

Cypriot papas 2017, watercolour

Assignment : An old man. My mind was still on holiday more specifically in Cyprus. There we came across this friendly papas who was selling his oranges with great conviction.

Canson Montval Paper 300gr, Daler Rowney Artists' watercolour  21 x 28 cm.

David Bowie 2020, watercolour

A sketch in shades of grey, the intention being to put it on canvas in colour one day, Bowie is a colourful character, although some of his covers are made in shades of grey

Clairefontaine satin paper, Sennelier l'aquarelle 30 x 40

Guido Belcanto 2018, watercolour
My quirky take on a fantastic lyricist and performer.

Hahnemühle cornwall paper, Sennelier L'aquarelle 30 x 40 cm

Queen Forever..2019, watercolour

The original cover of the collection CD of Queen (Queen forever) released in 2014 was in shades of grey. This cover made by José Luis Tinoco. Now that I discovered Sennelier l'aquarelle I thought the time was ripe to give it my own twist and bring this cover in colour.

Canson Moulin du Roy satin paper,

Sennelier L'aquarelle 30 x 40 cm

Christ 2021, watercolour
After a photo of a statue of Christ in a chapel in the street where I used to live.

Sennelier l'aquarelle,

Canson Moulin du Roy paper 300gr 24 x 30 cm

An ode to Mucha, 2022

I was always drawn to this art nouveau style, I tried to make my own thing of a work of Mucha. More colour but still trying to keep the grace and finesse of the lines.

Sennelier l'aquarelle on hahnemühle paper 21 x 30 cm