On this page I want to put befriended artists in the spotlight. Here you can see some of their works and you can also use the link to visit their webpage. Art is made to share and for that I want to use this page. Monthly or bimonthly someone else will be the new guest. 

Tine Dekkers

Tine Dekkers Born 28-03-1948 in Etten Leur (NL)
As wife, mother and grandmother, she feels like a creative centipede, who after many detours has finally found my place in Rijkevorsel (Belgium)

In this quiet, rural environment, she lives, works but above all enjoys.
While painting she searches her way through the many emotions, pictures, symbols and colors.

Tine tries to capture on canvas what the picture "tells" her, so that the person who sees, buys or receives the canvas has a good and familiar feeling.

There must always be a click with the subject otherwise the painting will not work.

Her workspace is the place for the right tuning with all that Tine needs.

Following courses, workshops and 2 years of art school were the opportunity to learn techniques and make them her own.

I have come to know Tine as a warm person with her heart in the right place. Enjoy her works

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