On this page belong my works, which do not fall into any particular category, yet I want to share them with my visitors.

Rainbow sneakers 2016

An imposed exercise with the theme "shoes" I also immediately tried out the colours of my new Talens Van Gogh . Unknown Paper 200gr, Talens Van Gogh watercolour pans

36 x 23 cm

Pointes 2016

The same assignment (shoes).

Canson Montval paper 300 gr, Talens Van Gogh watercolour pans.

30 x 20 cm

Apple after living model 2016

Canson Montval paper 300gr, T Talens Van Gogh watercolour pans

21 x18 cm

Door knocker on canvas 2016

This was a try how watercolour paint reacts on canvas, first given the canvas a gesso primer and then painted on. That works well any disadvantage afterwards you must give the painting a varnish layer otherwise the watercolour paint responds to humidity.

Daler Rowney Artists watercolour pans

18 x 10 cm

Abstract (Colours) 2017

An assignment with which you can go in all directions. “Make something abstract”, I chose the following work: Colours Canson Montval paper 300gr, Daler Rowney Artists watercolour + Oil pastel

21 x 28 cm

Typical balconies from Malta 2018

During our trip to Malta it was noticeable that there were a lot of nice balconies to be seen, these did leave an impression that I wanted to immortalize at home on watercolour paper. Canson Heritage Rough paper 300gr, Daler Rowney Artists watercolour 18 x 28 cm

Stained Glasses 2018

Stained glasses from the Sagrada Familia the masterpiece of Gaudi in Barcelona.

Daler Rowney Artists watercolour Winsor & Newton paper 300 gr cold pressed. 30 x 40 cm

Beach Cabin 2018

A beach cabin, on the original picture the cabin was yellow and blue. I chose to combine Prussian blue with white, to make it all a bit more exciting I tried to put in an ageing process as well.

Canson Montval paper 300gr, Daler Rowney Artists watercolour naps

21 x 30 cm


Baby you can't drive my car 2019

I found this picture on Facebook on the page of Tom Van Dutch Urbex. I asked and got permission to use this picture to make this watercolour. I used Fabriano paper here for the first time and was very satisfied with it.

Daler Rowney Artists watercolour 40 x 50 cm


Blue 2019

The acrylic remained a bit in the closet because I was quite busy with watercolor, since I am now also the manager of the Facebook group "Acrylic and oil paint of the Low Countries" I decided to work alternately with watercolor and acrylic.

Daler Rowney System 3 acrylic on Daler Rowney canvas. 4 x 10 x18 cm

Watcher of the skies 2019

In the watercolour group I gave the order to make something surreal, of course I couldn't resist making something as well. Winsor & Newton cold pressed paper 300gr Sennelier L'aquarelle,

30 x 40 cm


Maltese Luzu from Marsaxlokk 2019

 One of the typical boats from Malta, Marsaxlokk is a nice place to stay, the island of Malta disappointed us a bit,

Sennelier Abstract Acrylic

50 x 50 cm

Together 2020

An idea I'm working on in oil, this was a first test.

Sennelier l'abract acrylic on canvas

30 x40 cm

Diversity 2020

In Corona times some thinking about how it will all turn out, we are all different and yet...

Sennelier L'abstract acrylic

120 x 40 cm

Covid 19 and corona madness...? 2020

A sneer at hoarding in corona times, panic?

Sennelier Abstract Acrylic on canvas

50 x 50 cm

Friend's Van 2021

After the hard work in our basement I thought Davy deserved a present. His new van immortalised in watercolour.

Sennelier l'aquarelle on Fabriano paper 30 x 40 cm

Fantastic car ...2021

One thing led to another and I was asked to put these roads on paper in watercolour, the recipient was very happy with it..;

Sennelier l'aquarelle or Fabriano cold pressed

21 x28 cm

Living together, oil on canvas
A colourful society is beautiful but not always easy.

Sennelier Rive Gauche oil on canvas

80 x 60 cm


Daler Rowney oil paint on canvas
80 x 60 cm