The construction of a work can always be fun to watch, but unfortunately I did not take pictures of all the works I made in the meantime. I will try to change that from now on and take you along with me in my work.

Zsa-Zsa, watercolour 2017

Wild rose, watercolour 2018

Hummingbird, pastel 2019

Leopard, watercolour 2018

Rhinoceros with young 2018

Dance, watercolour 2018

Baby you can't drive my car, watercolour 2019

Watcher of the skies, watercolour 2019

Butterfly, watercolour 2019

Zsa- Zsa ( The yawn), acrylic on canvas 2020

Fuchsia, watercolour 2020

Bull on canvas, acrylic on canvas 2020

Butterfly, acrylic on canvas 2020

Tulip, oil on canvas 2020

Autumn forest, watercolour 2020

Wine in progress 2020

Pablo & Pistache, watercolour 2020

Poppies, watercolour 2020

Flower horse, watercolour + ink 2020

Silhouettes, oil on canvas 2020

Christmas cards

Snowdrops 2021

Some cars ink & watercolour 2021

Dancing tulips 2021 watercolour

Cat mess watercolour sketch 2021

Cat's mess groundlayer in acrylic 2021

Christ 2021, watercolour

Feeling blue 2022,

Sennelier couleurs à l'huile Extra-Fine

oil on canvas 60 x80 cm

Les chats de Paris
Daler Rowney acrylic on canvas 50 x50 


An ode to Mucha,2022